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The primary concern of the company is to quote the terms governing the rights and obligations of Zaponis to all of you who will visit the websites of and to inform you of your rights and obligations and the best service in the search and acquisition of the products you wish to buy from its store.


Prices listed on the related lists next to each product include VAT (24%). These prices refer to the quantities available in our warehouse, while Zaponis reserves the right to readjust prices.

For certain regions in Greece where VAT rates are lower and if your order is made on an invoice then the prices of the products are lower than those indicated on the reduced VAT.


1. Availability:

In any case, it must be made clear that the delivery time of your order depends on the availability of the products in our warehouses.

In the event that some of your order products are unavailable, you can either cancel the order or send the remaining products. For products not available at the time of order, there is no possibility for a new shipment with charge of, except for the customer's charge.

2. Force majeure: If for reasons of force majeure (eg bad weather, strikes etc.) we can not deliver the products within the specified time, we will notify you by e-mail to indicate if you wish. these conditions, the completion of your order.

3. Responsibility Zaponis: Zaponis is not responsible for defects or poor quality of its products to its customers. All products are received by packaged suppliers. However, if the delivered quantities prove proven to be a defective product you reserve the right to return it with the possibility of replacing it at our own expense or return of your money.

4. Promotional messages: Zaponis allows its users to choose their information about the new products they market and for other offers, etc. by sending a promotional - newsletter to their e - mail address

 Zaponis will not misuse the above service. Users are always given the opportunity to stop receiving advertising messages.

5. Cookies: Like most sites on the internet and on, we use cookies to access certain information whenever you browse with a web browser in our store. Without the use of cookies, it would be impossible to offer you important services such as: order status, personal settings, storage of items in the basket.

Cookies are alphanumeric files that we transfer to your computer hard drives through your internet so we can offer you services such as those mentioned above. In your browser settings you can choose to prevent your browser from accepting new cookies or asking you whenever a new cookie is to be installed on your hard disk. However, you should know that if you choose to prevent cookies from being stored on your hard drive, you will not be able to use some of our store services.

6. Modification of the terms hereof: Zaponis reserves the right to modify or renew the terms and conditions of transactions. There is also the possibility of receiving products with new packaging and photo, in which the new photo may not be immediately updated due to companies' delay.